About Lamb Club

About lamb Club

What the Heck is LAMB CLUB?

LAMB CLUB® is a Kiwi-Canuck Collaboration; a tight knit group of lamb producers, processors and purveyors who are focused on the art, science and design of cool lamb products for North America.

LAMB CLUB® is all about lamb, the whole lamb and nothing but the lamb and starts at the farm.

We at LAMB CLUB® thought it would be cool, literally, to farm lambs in Canada. So, near Steinbach Manitoba we are building the largest, most advanced sheep operation in Canada, maybe the continent, maybe the world.

This goes along with our current New Zealand operation where we have one of the largest sheep farms in the North Island. Our aim is to produce similar lambs more consistently in the two hemispheres to ensure really good lamb is available in North America year round.

We figure LAMB CLUB® should produce the kind of lamb that a farmer himself would choose to eat and, because we are also farmers, we know what lamb we would eat.

In New Zealand, LAMB CLUB® processes lambs through our boutique, internationally recognised facility, supplying high end global lamb markets. In our processing we have real people - no robots, and our skilled butchers set about making handcrafted, grill-ready lamb cuts.

In the near future, we will build a state of the art Canadian boutique lamb processing plant as our Manitoba sheep farming ramps up.

We kind of like the fire, smoke and heat way of cooking lamb so at LAMB CLUB® we design lamb products able to be barbecued by your average Joe. We reckon anyone can follow the simple instructions to turn out something pretty nifty that you won’t see at any typical tail gate party.